Photo of the Day

“It’s Tuesday morning? I wish I could stay in bed and skip work…”



Ah…..the Irony of it All!

From today’s Sacramento Bee: The California state agency that unemployed workers have to deal with…is about to lay off many of its workers.

Guess they’ll now experience the long phone waits, confusing rules and dismal EDD service that the rest of us know so well.

“Employment Development Department staff told to look for work.”

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Paid to Sleep on the Job?

Interesting decision out of California Second Appellate District. Ever wonder about those security guards to stay at a construction site for 24 hours? They are known as “trailer guards” because they live and sleep in a trailer while guarding the site.

Should they get paid for all 24 hours, including time that they sleep?

In Mendiola v. CPS Security Solutions, the court said: Yes, the guards should get paid for 24 hours….BUT…the company can deduct eight hours sleep time, “provided the guards are afforded a comfortable place to sleep, the time is not interrupted…the guards are compensated for any period of interruption…” Court also said that if guards do not get at least five consecutive hours of uninterrupted sleep time (i.e., if they are roused to answer calls during the night) they are entitled to pay.



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